Why Community Building is Important in Marketing

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, October 29, 2021

 Community building is essential for marketing strategy as it is cost-effective and has a lasting impact on the customers. 

FREMONT, CA: Community marketing is a strategy based on developing an engaging brand presence to communicate with a current customer community. Social media platforms are used for such type of marketing.

These communities provide a forum for members to express their requirements and an opportunity for companies to react and make them feel important. While other types of marketing, such as advertising and public relations, prioritize acquiring new customers, community marketing focuses on the relationships that a brand already has with its existing customers.

Everybody engaged will benefit from making and sustaining connections and relationships with current customers through in-person or online communities. Companies will gain valuable feedback on their products and get a better understanding of their engaging online presence, while consumers will feel valued and are more likely to remain loyal to the organization.

As new consumers expect more than an impersonal, one-sided relationship with the products and services they utilize, community marketing is an essential tool to use in combination with social media. Consumers expect a customer service team to answer their questions and address their concerns, and community marketing can do that efficiently.

Companies can provide them with exactly that by applying an efficient community marketing strategy. Community marketing bridges the gap between brands and their customers, resulting in a more loyal customer base and a better public image.

Why Community Building must be a Part of Marketing Strategy

It's Cost-Effective Yet Impactful

Webinars, live streams, engagement, and social listening are all examples of community building. These are primarily low-cost marketing strategies, but they can have a long-term impact on the audience if managed correctly.

It Allows to Earn Loyalty and Trust

Being open and honest with the customers will help them to gain their loyalty and trust. If companies want people to follow them and their brand, they must be in their most authentic selves. As business owners, people must be willing to communicate directly with the target audience.

Increases the Rate of Returning Customers

Earning the customers' trust and loyalty increases the chances of repeat purchases. They will not search for a different brand to buy these products or services when they're already familiar with a brand and fully trust the company. By concentrating on customer retention and satisfaction, companies will be able to save money.

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