Why are Marketers Turning to Digital Signage?

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Developments in digital signage are stimulating their rise in popularity among today’s leading marketers.

FREMONT, CA: Market reports are predicting vibrant innovation and growth for digital signage. The rising popularity of digital signage can be attributed to the fact that they are making marketing interesting and interactive. When electronic screens started replacing billboards, it seemed revolutionary from the perspective of marketing. A similar story is unfolding today with the emergence of intelligent digital signage. Be it hardware or software, transformations in digital signage are apparent today. Some of these advancements and their relevance for marketers are discussed below. It is because of these factors that digital signage is experiencing a boom. 

• Sensor-Backed Screens

Today, screens used for digital signage aren't merely meant to play videos or display pictures; they have cognitive capabilities and are responsive. Smart sensors incorporated into the digital systems are equipped to measure metrics such as the number of viewers, which category the viewers belong to, and how far they are standing. By processing this information through artificial intelligence solutions, digital signage delivers intelligent and optimized marketing content.

• Responsive and Interactive Interfaces

By allowing customers to interact, marketers can enhance the effectiveness of marketing multiple times. These days, digital systems are coming with touchscreens that enable marketing campaigns to become interactive. Signboards in retail outlets and public places like airports and bus-stops can provide excellent customer experience and supply highly personalized information. Digital kiosks are a great example of how digital signage is enhancing marketing prowess.

• Enhanced Compatibility with Mobile Technology

By providing a seamless link between digital signage and mobile technology, marketers can add a lot of convenience to every customer’s journey. Digital display systems, rather than merely displaying marketing content or offers, should allow customers to place orders or make purchases through mobile banking. By enabling cashless and cardless transactions, marketers can easily achieve better outcomes in the form of direct conversion and sales.

The potential of enhancing the reach and the effectiveness of marketing is real when modern digital signage is considered. This explains the favor that digital signage enjoys among today’s marketers.

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