Why AI-Based Marketing Automation is Considered a Revolution

By Martech Outlook | Monday, February 10, 2020

AI in marketing automation helps modern-day retailers attract more customers and increase the rate of sales.                                      

FREMONT, CA: From understanding customer preferences to attracting visitors through customized marketing strategies, artificial intelligence plays a vital role in standardizing marketing ecosystems. Marketing automation with AI could be a power combination that promises beneficial business results to modern-day retailers. AI-based marketing automation frames a bright future for retail businesses by bringing major transformation in the operational infrastructure.

• Visual Product Search

AI enables the retailers to present smart interfaces to the customers and visitors that help them search desired products instantly. Smart retail maps present a complete product list on digital applications to simplify shopping while raising customer satisfaction levels.

• Smart Recommendations

AI-driven marketing solutions allow retailers to attract customers by smartly recommending products and personalizing the concept depending on the visitors' search history and preferences. Such features result in better shopping experiences and an increase in the sales rate. AI-based product recommendations also let retailers display new arrivals and notify customers of product availability.

• Improved Email Marketing

AI-based automated marketing campaigns boost the processes of segmenting customers according to their age, preference, and locations, and hyper-personalized the emails that include personalized subject lines, sub-headers, messages, products, and offerings. AI across automated marketing tools enables marketers to understand customer behaviors while creating a list of potential customers for future targets.

Rapidly changing marketing scenarios demand smart strategies if retailers intend to expand their customer growth and achieve a high sales rate. Technology, like artificial intelligence, provides brilliant opportunities to retailers to upgrade their marketing skills, from digital platforms to physical stores.

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