What Technologies Help with Ad Management?

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Technology has helped to make advertisements more personalized, and it can be a relief for the marketers but create issues for the creative teams.

FREMONT, CA: Technology is continuously transforming the process in which the companies produce and experience content because every year, new platforms are emerging. Now, 5G is there to change how users use their hardware to interact. Moreover, artificial intelligence is also on the verge of offering more customized advertisements than ever. 

Therefore, it can be a promising time for the advertisers, especially those who have access to better options, as they can push their campaigns to success. However, there is one area in which technology cannot take away from the human, and it is right-brain creative thinking. The development of augmented personalization and omnichannel marketing will mean more work, high expectations of quality for the creative agencies, and short deadlines.  Top 10 Event Management Solution Companies - 2020

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It is estimated that globally the companies will invest more in digital advertising. The demand for digital advertising has increased because of the increasing usage of videos by the Gen-Z as they watch almost 68 videos every day. The market for videos is increasing due to which advertisers are also focusing on it. 


Longer battery life, high speeds, and better response were just the beginning of the advancement of technology. Now technology has also been applied to the door of the freezer with the connected software. The creative teams will have developed new techniques where they can even use smartwatches and thermostats. 

Mobile advertising, shorter ads

Some campaigns will increase, and others will shrink because most of the companies prioritize mobile ads than the ones shown on television. To attract the consumers' attention, the length of the ads has started to reduce, and the users cannot skip them. However, it is easy to tell a story and emotionally affect the consumers with cinematic ways, but it can be difficult with a 15-second bumper advertisement. 

Advertisements and technology are combined because tech will offer visible campaigns, but they want better speed, efficiency, and agility. It is essential for the advertising companies who invest in technology to expand their work to widen that innovation in their creative team equally. 

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