What makes Customer Data Platforms Vital in Marketing?

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, January 02, 2020

Customer data platforms are turning out to be a major part of the marketing technology revolution through excellent data-related functionalities.

FREMONT, CA: The inflow of information has risen rapidly. The marketing sector is one of the biggest beneficiaries of new technologies and trends that allow access to customer data at minimum expenses and maximum convenience. However, just having access to multiple sets of customer data from random end-points is does not add value to marketing. When marketers have a system that organizes datasets and creates unified profiles of individual customers from the available data, marketing campaigns make significant gains. The role of a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is thus becoming important in the marketing context. An ideal CDP contains basic capabilities that streamline structured and unstructured data to create a systematic categorization.

Real-time access to vital customer information can empower marketing efforts. CDPs aid in data integration. With online channels gaining traction, it has become necessary for marketers to leverage multiple online sources simultaneously. CDPs allow marketing teams to accumulate disparate sources and consolidate diverse sets of customer data. This fuels the chances of effective targeting of customers during marketing campaigns. Personalized marketing depends on a marketing company's ability to cater to the expectations of individuals by utilizing their identity that CDPs help create.Top Customer Data Platform Solution Companies

CDPs are also the precursor to other capabilities like predictive analytics and effective response mechanisms. For predictive analytics to work, marketing teams need to feed their systems with relevant data. CDPs these days have the ability to automatically update customer databases and provide predictive analytics solutions with all the required resources. Predictive analytics, in turn, make marketing better by enabling accurate decision-making and reducing risks.

Customer engagement is one of the basic tenets in marketing. As marketing channels multiply, customer engagement needs to become real-time. CDPs ensure rapid access to customer insights and enable marketers to respond and interact with customers, giving a fillip to customer engagement. As target audiences evolve and marketing technology takes over, customer data platforms provide unmatched impetus to several aspects of modern marketing.

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