What can Make Marketing Attribution Successful?

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Marketing AttributionMarketers should be aware of a few attribution tricks to ensure effective marketing capabilities.

FREMONT, CA: A vast number of factors have to be considered under marketing attribution to understand the effectiveness of interactions between brands and customers. As marketing channels evolve and grow, marketers are looking for ways to extend attribution capabilities. Evaluating marketing campaigns is essential to determine marketing success. Proliferating technologies and advanced mediums have today necessitated marketers to rethink their attribution strategies. Although the existent attribution models like first interaction, last interaction, linear, and time decay models will always remain the fundamentals, marketers are looking forward to new approaches. A few ways to advance marketing attribution are presented in the list below.

• Creating Inclusive Attribution Reports

Every aspect of a marketing campaign should find mention in an attribution report. Considering only those channels or stages that have given good results is not sufficient. Instead, a report should take into consideration channels that could not generate or convert leads effectively. Thus, reporting tools should be customized in ways that make an accurate portrayal of lead conversion possible.

• Investing in Automation

The challenge of complexity in marketing attribution can be overcome with the help of automation. Advancements in technology have led to the creation of solutions and platforms that automate marketing attribution and eliminate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. With automation, every touchpoint can be accessed and tracked to deliver highly accurate attribution reports that record minutest of details.Top Marketing Analytics Solution Companies

• Customizing Automated Tasks

Automation in attribution is quickly becoming ubiquitous. However, it is important for marketers to understand that a certain level of personalization is important to create value out of automation. Processes and files are often named by machines using built-in naming conventions. These names lose relevance within a couple of months, making it difficult for marketers to identify information and data sources. To avoid this, marketing teams should create their own naming conventions. This makes attribution streamlined.

A high level of consistency and precision in marketing attribution can be extremely meaningful for marketing teams. The right mix of technology and strategy is all that is needed to drive focused marketing attribution.

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