What are the Requirements of a Marketing Team?

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, December 18, 2020

The companies must clearly understand the department and its requirement while hiring for a marketing team.

FREMONT, CA: It's essential to have a plan to build a company's team before they recruit anyone. The company should have a good view of the organizational hierarchy. For example, consider how acquisition and content teams can work together while the responsibilities intersect within these teams.

If the companies have a clear understanding of the departments in the marketing department, they can start writing the job descriptions and hiring. On the website or job boards like Indeed, they can post jobs. When the applications start coming, they can begin to interview and vet the applicants.

It's vital that the people they employ mix well with the team, so don't hesitate to ask for marketing mates' referrals.The companies must also pay attention to LinkedIn ties while evaluating potential candidates if they have a mutual connection. Leadership qualities and the ability to blend in with the office culture are crucial here.Marketing Team Roles & Positions

1. Team Leader

All begins with a leader, due to which the company will need someone with strong analytical capacity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to lead others no matter what the title. One of the prominent examples can be the Director of Online Marketing. Although this individual will spend a significant amount of time overseeing or training others, they will still have to roll up their sleeves and dirty their hands.

2. SEO Specialist

The applicant should have experience handling SEO in other companies or at an agency. Therefore, it is necessary to look for such experience in their resume to help them in work. Also, since the SEO community is extremely active, the companies can find candidates through engaging with people who actively participate in SEO LinkedIn group conversations.

3. Content Creator

Regardless of what kind of content the company makes, most have one thing in common, and it has to be written.  If the company intends to have a website, publish a blog, engage in social media, provide long-form content, do PR, or advertise, having an outstanding writer among the staff is a must. Once the companies have a good writer in place, they can look for freelancers to increase the amount of content. The writer can even shift into the role of an Editor-in-Chief with time, managing the content operations.

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