What are the New Trends in Event Management?

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 09, 2021

Event managers use live streaming because it can create a more memorable experience for the guests. 

FREMONT, CA: It's difficult to tell if live streaming will ever become the new standard because it's challenging to imagine capturing the same level of enthusiasm and interaction as watching live events. According to recent reports, companies also have a genuine intention for face-to-face meetings and conferences for businesses. Two-thirds of the organizations surveyed reported that event cancellations had a negative effect on the businesses. It can lead to a reduced opportunity to create brand recognition with target audiences.

However, there are advantages to live streaming activities, including reduced travel expenses, lodging, and a limitless number of attendees. It's also not a significant change from what people were used to before the lockdown. Many events were offered to attend virtually, but many were forced to transform and struggle to find a technology platform that can quickly fulfill their requirements.

Dealing with last-minute changes 

Another benefit of taking events online is that companies can better deal with last-minute adjustments, like location cancellations, double bookings, or finding out that guests cannot attend. When schedules are changed at the last minute, it can turn a successful event into a hassle.   

Leverage data and technology

Event planners will be able to optimize activities in the future due to data. Events are becoming more interactive, digital, and personalized than the conventional sit-down experience where speakers talk to the audience for extended periods. Projection mapping manipulates light onto various surfaces by using technology and turning ordinary objects into immersive 3-D displays. It allows event organizers to decrease on-site technology (and therefore carbon emissions) while significantly improving the attendee experience.

Looking to the future

Knowing the trends that define the event management industry will help event managers capitalize on them and create more memorable experiences for their guests. Implementing these changes quickly and on short notice can be impossible. Event planners must be organized in their approach to organize their activities. A few trends can be introduced immediately to make the events more interactive, immersive, and convenient. Using data from these trends will provide an advantage and help the companies to gain a competitive edge.

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