Ways to Beef Up Content Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Content MarketingContent marketing is an essential vertical of marketing and sales strategies. Impactful content convinces the cohort easily, leading to better sales output. Increased online searches have made content a key player in commercial success.  Creating a comprehensive content strategy allows businesses to generate more organic site traffic, engage more quality leads, and convert them into loyal customers. Content-driven marketing is much cost-effective than paid online and TV commercials and has a better conversion ratio as well. Businesses must focus on emphasizing their marketing strategies with content writing skills.

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Clear Content Goals and KPIs

Clarity is utmost important while creating content, keeping specific goals and audience in mind for which marketers need to understand the following-

• Buyer’s persona to target
• Challenges of the market to be addressed
• Keywords to focus on and include in the content
• Post engagement action to be performed by customers

Once done with creating marketing content, organizations must set up some key performance indicator (KPIs) to analyze the impact of their approach. The KPIs enable businesses to understand their performance especially if marketing is done for a specific event, campaign, or other initiatives and gives them the data to improve in the future.

Analyzing Engagement

Audience engagement directly reflects the impact of content marketing strategies deployed by an organization. The data accumulated through KPIs leverages brands to enhance their content writing skills for advertisements and including SEO results in increased site traffic which is a direct indicator of customer engagement. Following indicates engagement and determine the same as well.

• Visits
• Unique Visits
• Bounce Rate
• Crawl Rate
• Time-on-site
• Comments
• Email Open Rates
• Re-Conversions 

Optimize The Available

Organizations must utilize all available resources to their best for content driven marketing. Feedbacks and comments generated from campaigns and advertisements must be optimized and incorporated in the content being created for marketing. Content strategy must evolve in tandem with the audience, business objectives, and industry requirements. Creating personalized content for buyers with good customer journey would also benefit brands with sales. A closed-loop reporting infrastructure will help businesses to streamline reporting and give insights into how well content strategy goes with other marketing strategies.

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