Voxox Launched "Free Forever" Plan for Small Businesses

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Voxox has launched their "Free Forever" plan to help small businesses become more reliable and faster in the market.

FREMONT, CA: Voxox is an innovative developer in cloud communication solutions for businesses. The company has introduced VoxDirect "Free Forever" plan. It is a direct response from them that will help small businesses become more reliable and faster in the market, particularly during the present national crisis. VoxDirect from Voxox is a communications platform that will merge powerful phone and mass texting capabilities for the small companies with the help of a single service. To further expand their support, VoxDirect is also providing a thorough online learning center for small business owners to increase their knowledge of utilizing text message marketing. It will also help them obtain a 500% better engagement rate than email and a proven 98% open rate on all text messages.

President of VoxDirect, Larry Wallace, said, "We continue to look for solutions and innovative offerings to provide ongoing support to small businesses, which we believe are the lifeblood of our economy. If we want to see a shift in the landscape of our nation, we need to be doing everything we can to help these business owners come back stronger and use the most effective communication methods to regain their market share."

VoxDirect's Free Forever scheme consists of a complete collection of phone elements that will support remote working. It also contains two virtual receptionists, two extensions, one business phone number, 20 Text Blast Message per month, conference calling, business hours, and call recording. Furthermore, to provide financial aid for people seeking an additional income stream, VoxDirect has offered an 80% referral incentive to any person who wants to share their services with businesses.

According to CEO of VOXOX, Bryan Hertz, "We discovered two primary problems that we wanted to help tackle. The first is to help small businesses recover and reconnect with their customer base after being closed down or limited in their ability to trade for such a long period of time. The second problem we saw was that as businesses were getting back on their feet they needed cheap, effective marketing to connect with their customers instantly and with our new free forever plan we feel like we are using what we have to make a notable difference."

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