Valassis Introduces Advanced Marketing Platform

By Martech Outlook | Monday, September 14, 2020

Valassis’ latest marketing platform gives marketers the potential to directly tie insights-led strategies to high-performing consumer engagement.

FREMONT, CA: A Vericast business and the leader in marketing technology and consumer engagement, Valassis launches Illumis, an advanced marketing platform. This latest platform combines best-in-class technologies, innovative media, and robust intelligence to give marketers the ability to directly tie insights-led strategies to high-performing consumer engagement. Illumis leverages the industry’s smartest technology and unique insights to present new opportunities for marketers to drive positive results in a unified platform that simplifies the unnecessary complexity and cost of marketing technologies.

Consumers today are adapting to new realities and are developing new interests while interacting with different media formats. Given the dynamic consumer behaviors and a rapidly evolving business environment, marketers are challenged to efficiently develop strategies that seamlessly connect insights to marketing execution and motivate the right consumers, reach new audiences, and drive growth. Using intelligence from the award-winning Valassis Consumer Graph, the company tailored Illumis with multiple patents to drive results and accelerate commerce. It is a unique platform that unifies the disparate tools marketers have to balance when creating campaigns.

Predicting intent and motivating consumers across multiple media channels are Valassis’ vital strengths. Its clients depend on the advanced marketing solutions to adjust their strategies and budgets to manage back to growth. The company takes customer trust seriously and is proud to rebuild the economy by allowing consumer savings and client revenue growth through its technology, marketing, data science, and amazing client teams.

The potential financial impact and return on investment for brands using Illumis is significant. This single, unified platform helps customers boost sales versus using multiple, disparate technologies. The advantages are based on interviews with four industry-leading clients who switched their digital marketing to Illumis. Illumis features include powerful intelligence for marketers to discover new high-value markets, targets and ways to reach consumers, high-impact reach with the ability to identify media best suited for each audience, and optimized results, continuously improving to deliver moments of discovery for consumers.

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