User-Generated Content Becoming the Center Stage for Business Growth

By Martech Outlook | Monday, July 22, 2019

User-Generated Content

The digital world is witnessing the global impact of user-generated content, becoming an essential aspect of marketing strategies.

FREMONT, CA: The evolution of media has brought a massive shift in the type of content consumption. The growing demand for contents according to the consumer needs helps the brands to run their campaigns and reach a wider audience successfully. The recent introduction of several video platforms, which also facilitates live video streaming is witnessing a massive growth in viewership.

Currently, content is delivered in different forms from social media post to complex multimedia content like photographs, interactive graphics, and videos. The rise in smartphone users simplifies the communications between the consumers and the campaign. It gives the power to users to capture videos or pictures and posting or sharing on a digital platform instantly from anywhere and anytime. The un-interrupted internet connection creates a network of users to performance sharing and accessing the content regularly.

The content value contributes a lot to the growth of the business. Globalization and localization have increased the competition level.  Different content types demand different quality levels. The User Generated Content (UGC) can be monitored and post-edited with the help of Machine Translation (MT). MT helps in producing accurate output and in line with the tone of voice. There are many machine learning-based technologies to help the users to strategies and generate engaging content for business popularity. There are different analytical tools, which features intelligence analysis on user activities and focus on quality translation.

As UGC provides greater reach and engagement with the users, the picture of content leading and influencing the global market becomes more evident. The user-generated content is taking center stage for business development and will soon reshape the branding market.

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