UserGemsto Help Drive Growth and Revenue for B2B companies with New Funding

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

With $20M funding raised by UserGems, it will help companies accelerate expansion and generate more revenue by identifying trigger points.

Fremont, CA: Identifying trigger events is a time-consuming procedure that necessitates the use of various tools, validation, and data entry. UserGems is a prospecting platform that helps B2B companies generate more revenue by identifying buyers who are most likely to buy from them. It has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Craft Ventures, with new investors Battery Ventures and Tiger Global joining the round, as well as Uncork Capital and other angel investors. With over 90 mid-market and enterprise customers, including Procore, Medallia, UserTesting, Sisense, and BrightTALK, the funding will allow UserGemsto accelerate expansion by focusing on hiring talent and product development for revenue teams. The latest capital takes the total amount raised by the company to $22.4 million.

UserGems transforms cold outreach into warm outreach and helps businesses generate more income by combining artificial intelligence and relationship data with trigger events such as a client changing professions to expose the most suitable customers for each business. With the Great Resignation forecasting that 65 percent of workers will shift jobs, UserGems value proposition has shown to be quite current. Those clients are more inclined to buy the same tools and services they are already familiar with. Furthermore, newly hired executives spend 70% of their budget in the first 100 days as they review inherited teams and technology, making it vital for businesses to stay in touch with their customers during this time.

Organizations can utilize UserGems to keep track of customer, user, and prospect job changes in order to sell into their new companies, as well as monitor target companies for new decision-makers or recent promotions, and emphasize past relationships.

“We’re building software for the way revenue teams want to work and integrating with today’s modern revenue technologies so these teams can focus on the job they signed up for selling and marketing,” said UserGems Co-founder and CTO, Stephan Kletzl.

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