Upgrading Customer Experience with Technology

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The customer experience will continue to transform as the business grows, and using today’s technology will help brands adapt to fluctuating customer demands.

FREMONT, CA: The impact of technology on customer experience is hard to ignore. Today’s digital innovations make it seamless for consumers to find products and services from plenty of businesses. Organizations are taking note, and 89 percent plan to adopt a digital-first strategy to meet consumers. The key differentiator is how owners and managers will use that technology to boost customer experience. When done correctly, it can turn casual customers into loyal ones who can accelerate their reputation online and in person. Specifically, firms can utilize two specific technology pieces to enhance the customer experience without spending too much money.

With the robust online review management platform, firms can use valuable tools, like machine learning and AI, to highlight valuable keywords within each piece of feedback that contributed to an overall positive or negative review. When combined with other reviews, firms can then see specific trends that tell whether they are satis

fying customers or if changes 

need to be made. After gathering valuable data from reviews, firms should also take the time to learn how to respond to reviews. Customers, especially those writing negative reviews, want to be always heard. Over time, making data-driven changes to customer experience can yield loyal customers and an online reputation than competitors.

By responding professionally and considering their complaints, brands show that they acknowledge the value of each person that comes. Taking the time to reply also puts brands at a competitive advantage because customer reviews research shows 36.7 percent of consumers respond to their review. It’s a huge differentiator that will make any brand stand out in the customer’s mind. There are even opportunities for brands to post social media reviews from customers. People are trusting genuine customer reviews than conventional marketing copy. Utilizing user-created content in this way saves brands money and time and serves as the valuable proof needed to convert people into valuable customers.

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