Trybe to Shape the Next Generation of Social Media

MarTech Outlook | Thursday, September 17, 2020

Trybe is trying to shape the next generation of social media by offering a platform to create community and get rewarded for it.

FREMONT, CA: Trybe, a new platform trying to shape the next generation of social media by providing people with a place to create community and get rewarded for it. It is for both content creators and everyday social media users, each enabling to earn money through peer to peer awarding. Trybe comprises earning points based on positive engagement that can be utilized to increase content's exposure on the platform, with unique audio features including mid to long-form clips and commenting.

The next generation of social media is people rewarding each other. It will be vital to business models, and if firms want to have a positive impact on people's lives, this is the change the company see in the world's passion economy because Trybe is building the first social media platform fully dedicated to this shift and is shaping the future by giving people the power to create their community in one place to reward each other, have fun, and be creative.

The traditional way of running social media businesses, depending on advertising, taking advantage of people's creativity is over. People no more need to think about the negative impact of using social apps. The days are numbered for firms making money off the content and data without people being rewarded for it.

Anyone can be rewarded for their content with Trybe, and anyone can earn points for their positive behaviour in the community. This develops a dividend for time spent on Trybe, a stream of passive income people didn't have before. The times where people upload a profile and seek out what brands want to make money off that is With Trybe, one can create and connect with fans, and the user will be rewarded for it. Unlike any other creator platform, the user's positive contribution to the community will earn that person points to use to increase exposure on the platform.

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