Trends that will push the sales industry in 2019

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 08, 2019

 sales industry in 2019The way of doing marketing and sales has been changing with the digitization of the industry. The evolving technologies make the sales industry more accessible to businesses and sales teams. The industry is experiencing new technologies, regulations, demographics, and economics that are infusing new trends inside the industry to keep the pace with the ongoing technological development.

Sales trends help the company against its peers and analyze the relative position of the company in the industry. Companies can understand the business better and come up with short and long-term marketing strategies. Sales trends are generally done by the process of customer segmentation, which depends on products, sales channels, and geographic regions.

Traditional SEO: Capitalizing on organic search opportunities is one of the most lucrative ways to attract consumers. Nowadays companies are investing in traditional SEO tactics with the aim to boost their businesses. SEO supports companies with conducting research to identify the keywords that make sense to the customers about the business.

Voice search: As the adoption of the smart speakers is on the rise, and the sales industry is also tending to use it in the businesses. Some advanced companies have already begun to perform their tests with voice searching techniques. The companies are focused on generating content to capture voice searches.

Visual search: Technologies enhancing visual search are making hype in the sales industry. The accuracy of visual search has improved as image recognition tools have access to training sets of images and visual search engines learn about the questions users ask while submitting images. The technology is good at answering questions that are hard to verbalize. Marketers can be benefitted by embedding visual search in their apps to improve the user experience, media experience and enabling search in multilingual contexts.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR): According to the study by Zion Market Research, the virtual reality market is expected to reach $26.8B in the next four years. Companies should integrate AR and VR into their business and marketing plans. Marketers use AR and VR to create better customer experience and increase brand awareness.

To improve business-productivity and sales, companies should stay on top of trends and implement new technologies and tactics.

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