Trends in the digital marketing sector for the year 2022.

Martech Outlook | Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How marketers can take the advantage of advertising with contextual tools as the industry prepares for a cookieless future.

FREMONT, CA: Advertisers have a tremendous opportunity to be thoughtful with contextual tools as the industry prepares for a cookieless future and moves away from defined audience targeting. It will be critical for marketers to understand the context in which they will engage audiences, since a consumer reading business news will have a different attitude than a consumer reading fitness material. Marketing with a specific attitude will become increasingly important. Consumers are very receptive to contextually relevant marketing and most APAC consumers prefer digital ads to appear alongside relevant content — 96 percent in Indonesia, 91 percent in Singapore, 86 percent in Australia, and 75 percent in Japan.

According to the Context Effect, ad-context boosts memorability by up to 40 percent. These findings show that by contacting customers in appropriate circumstances, digital marketers may increase brand memorability and evoke favorable emotional responses from them. Given the ease of access, the amount of video content on the internet is exploding both internationally and regionally. According to eMarketer, digital video will reach 82.2 percent of internet users in Asia-Pacific by 2025.

During the pandemic, short-form videos like TikTok and Instagram Reels grew in popularity. Short-form video engagement have not only become an important platform, but it is also critical for marketers to include them in their marketing objectives, incorporate media quality safeguards, and be sensitive to mobile viewing behavior - where videos are frequently viewed in vertical formats and it is critical to convey the brand message as soon as possible. According to an MQR H1 2021 research, Australians obviously like engaging with video content, as seen by improved video viewability and the world's highest desktop video ad completion rate of 78.3 percent and lowest drop-off rates. Video's popularity is expected to rise in the future.


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