Top Trends in Account-Based Marketing

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Understanding the state of Account-Based Marketing and where it is heading is critical for any marketing practitioner today.

FREMONT, CA: As the business landscape continues to evolve, it has necessitated an evolution from traditional lead generation strategies to Account-Based Marketing (ABM). First, the matrix of business decision making is becoming increasingly complicated. Reports have shown the average business decision now involves the need for higher-quality, more targeted content. As ABM evolves as an identifiable lead generation strategy, more marketers are to refine their approach. Trends have started to emerge that are shaping the future of account-based marketing. They are the following.

• Tapping Internal Connection Sources Outside of Sales

When targeting a new account, marketers should remember that employees within the organization may already have connections. These may not just be employees on the sales team. Someone in the accounting department may be connected with a former coworker, who now works at the new target account—having a system in place for tapping those internal connection sources and using their connections as entries for beginning the identified lead generation process.

• Interactive Offers

In addition to offering self-contained resources like e-books or white papers, ABM marketers are using offers designed to raise more questions, which are best answered in a meeting. For instance, an assessment might provide prospects with a score for an aspect of their business, which then leaves them with the question of improving.  Questions like these can initiate prospects to agree to a meeting.

• Leveraging Social Insights

An account’s social media postings offer valuable data on what is going on in the brand and unearth engagement opportunities. If a target company announces a major product launch, the assigned sales executives can instantly reach out to contacts in the organization with a message of congratulations.

• Exec-to-Exec Engagement

Top-level executives at companies face a constant stream of pitches from would-be vendors. ABM marketers enlist their CEOs and other top executives to reach out to their counterparts at target accounts, starting with a personal email message or direct-mail letter asking for a brief meeting. A sales representative can then follow up with the executive’s assistant to set up the meeting, referencing the original communication and dropping the C-suite executive's name who mailed it.

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