Top Practices Bankers can Follow to Increase Email-Marketing Efficiency

Martech Outlook | Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Brilliant strategies for email marketing prove to bring ample business opportunities for banking.

FREMONT, CA: A powerful email marketing strategy is an essential element for enterprise-level companies to compete in today’s ever-changing market, and this could be an effective solution when it comes to the banking sector. Modern-day banks focus on developing sustainable brand assets and providing an excellent customer experience for their clients. Strategic email marketing helps in the realization of these objectives significantly. Every email that a bank transfers carries a message about the brand. The strategy includes more than just shooting emails and offering business lines to every client. Here are some of the ways how banks benefit from email marketing.

Content-Driven Newsletter

Increasing email-marketing products and developing relationships with bank’s customers need exclusive content with the combination of social media, video, and audio. Banks require email newsletters with social integration to increase their brand awareness. While most email content is product-focused, newsletters carrying rich media are usually customer-centric. Such content provides critical touchpoints to consumers and helps in making effective business decisions.

Segmented Email Campaign

Top Marketing Analytics Solution CompaniesAccording to analysis, on average segmented email marketing have a 14.4 percent better open rate than non-segmented marketing. So the aim of banks for changing the strategy of email blasts and customizing the campaign with a segmented approach should be the priority. Such initiatives help financial institutions send more relevant messages. Marketing campaigns for banks that are targeted, segmented, and customized tend to be more effective at encouraging one-to-one conversations.

Copy Creation

In today's era, customers receive dozens of emails per day. If banks want their emails to be open, they need to add interesting content to it. Using bullet points lets customers understand the content and take action on vital points. Drafting shorter paragraphs and ensuring that the main points are highlighted help in improving the results of email marketing.

Developing an email marketing strategy for a financial services company does not have to be complicated. Banks’ email campaigns can be made effective by focusing on the above strategies.

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