Top 7 Rapidly Growing Martech Startups

Debra Morgan, Marketing Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 04, 2022

The Martech startup boom is streamlining the industry in many ways by offering marketers the ability to scale marketing solutions with increased efficiency.

FREMONT, CA: Today’s digital landscape is accelerating, and that is excellent news for marketers. The trajectory of marketing evolution will show that technology started as a minor role player, and today, it has evolved into the star of the show. Thanks to a new wave of innovation, which gives marketers more opportunities than ever to generate demand and develop a healthy pipeline that translates into their return on investment. Marketing is becoming increasingly dependent on technology today. As businesses rely on martech solutions to plan, implement, and measure marketing campaigns, it gives birth to emerging startups competing with advanced martech solutions. Read on to know more about top martech startups and the tools they offer that might be worth adding to marketing toolkit to thrive in the digital marketing space.  

• BounceX

San Francisco-based BounceX is rapidly growing to become the leader in cloud-based behavioral marketing and analytics software. This technology has been adopted by marketers looking to change their marketing strategy. With the help of BounceX’s marketing tech solutions, marketers can execute direct marketing efforts and curated personal experiences rooted in customer behavioral patterns. BounceX has raised $7.8 million to date, receiving $6.3 million in Series A funding. The company has found out a way to fill the void of non-performing marketing technologies. As today’s consumer expects more from brands, marketers can use BounceX solutions to recognize and market to the actual customers accurately. 

• Unbabel

As many businesses genuinely leverage digital opportunities, website visitors and customers can come from across the world, giving birth to borderless customers. Localization is the solution to tackle this scenario. To save brands from investing high in translation services, Unbabel offers a technology solution that combines machine learning-based auto-translation with crowdsourced editing to provide translation accuracy. By using Unbabel directly or by utilizing the company's API to integrate translation directly into workflow, brands can translate all of their website's content. This startup envisions serving businesses looking to cater to international customers not only by integrating through its API but also allowing them to quickly fill out the online form to order translations and offer an email-based interpretation. To help with international, localized-style support, Unbabel gives businesses the ability to provide customer support in a customer’s native language.

• Gamalon

Gamalon helps enterprises understand their customers and take impactful actions. The natural language processing application enabling brands to read, understand, and interact with billions of customer messages and provide individual responses is its flagship martech solution. Unlike deep learning methods typical in most natural language processing solutions, Gamalon’s Idea Learning offers quality, editable, and explainable processing of all customer messages. Gamalon uses artificial intelligence to help companies act according to the millions of customer communications they receive, ultimately improving customer experience and retention. Gamalon offers an enhanced chatbot and data analytics system that can comprehensively analyze what customers are saying and provide insights for faster conversion. The company's machine learning-driven analysis of customer conversions tells you all of the ideas and sentiments in visual and text views.

• Influential

Influential marks itself as the world’s first AI-powered influencer marketplace. The company’s mission is to help brands choose the perfect audience to market, based on their targeting criteria, and find influencers to assist with influencer marketing efforts. Influential’s platform leverages predictive analytics and machine learning to assist brands in projecting the impact of influencer marketing campaigns and allows users to deploy campaigns directly through the platform. Through technology partnership, the influential platform helps brands identify the most promising influencers for potential marketing campaigns.

• FullStory

FullStory team is focused on making it easy to understand the customer experience online. Whether it is low product engagement, underperforming landing pages, or broken checkout flows, FullStory identifies when, where, and why the customer’s experience friction occurred, making it easy to solve experience-related problems at scale. With FullStory solutions, brands can analyze any digital interaction with no event instrumentation. The company was built to log and navigate billions of events, helping brands find the exact answers right when they need them.

• Sizmek

Sizmek is a marketing platform that has an AI-powered decision-making engine. This platform helps marketers decide where to deploy their marketing spend for maximum return on investment. Through Sizmek, marketers can also implement sophisticated omnichannel campaigns and track their results in real-time. The company’s campaign deployment capability includes an extensive analytics suite, a part of its standard analytics package. Sizmek is expanding its territories by acquiring fast-rising startups in the ad-tech space.

• MentionMe

MentionMe is one of the fastest-growing startups in the rapidly evolving referral marketing space. Referral marketing is a less utilized channel for most marketing departments, but it is gaining momentum in the digital marketing community for its high conversion rates. The company’s software-as-a-service style platform helps marketers conduct innovative referral marketing campaigns, harness best practices from across the industry, and test their marketing campaigns in real-time. To help marketers identify the type of referral campaign to run, MentionMe includes a fully-featured analytics dashboard that offers insights and suggestions for improvement on the fly.

With martech startups mushrooming around the globe, it is becoming clear that the marketing landscape is filled with newer opportunities than ever. It is good to remember the solutions mentioned above to help boost productivity for opening new market opportunities. They might be the secret sauce a brand needs to take its growth to the next level.    

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