Top 7 Event Tech Trends to Explore

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Here is good news for event pros as event tech is all set to make event management easier.

FREMONT, CA: Given the purpose of marketing is to attract customers, it makes sense that marketing events help brands do just that. Events definitely impact conversion rates, especially since customers can ask brands, their questions right then and there. Measuring the sales at an event is often the easiest way to track the ROI of the event marketing efforts directly. With its significant importance in marketing efforts, the event industry is entering into a future with specific tech innovations. Event management is now quite a tech-driven affair. Event technology has developed significantly in the last few years. Here are some event tech trends every event pros should know.   

• Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is a significant aspect of event tech. Facial recognition technology has already made significant marks on the event industry with a lot of brands using this tech in a lot of creative ways. This technology could be great for attendee management, behavior mapping, attendee engagement, and event security—the primary concern for high profile brands.

• Virtual Reality

Virtual reality for events is indeed a trend that is here to stay. It is a major add on in attendee engagement. Event pros have been finding a lot of surprising ways to leverage virtual reality to create interactive displays, on-site experiences, and utilizing virtual reality devices as a significant factor in the brand’s event promotion strategy.

• Event Data

Big data is always considered to be the future of technology, and event tech is no exception. Data can be a great assistant in strategizing for an improved event experience. Apart from increased reliance on event data, data security is bound to become a priority. Data security plans have already set in motion with various data regulation policies. Event data and data security are going to be a significant priority in the upcoming years.

• Drones

In an event, several things can be done with drones. Even in the past, events have used drones to mesmerize attendees with breathtaking drone shows. Apart from event experience, drones are used for event security and surveillance. With an array of new and advanced drones being launched into the market, drone technology will play a significant role in events in the coming future.

• Radio Frequency Identification

Wearable technology is all the rage today, and it has been in the market for the last few years. Its utility begins with events such as concerts and music festivals. Radiofrequency identification in wearable techs is having many implications in the events industry. From event ticketing to attendee mapping, radiofrequency identification-enabled bands and other wearable gadgets will be the most used event techs in the future years.

• Mobile Application

Mobile application for events is already mainstream. Making the most out of mobile event apps to let attendees access their event on the go, events these days are going smarter. From event information, schedule, to exclusive event networking features, it is all in the users’ hands. Event app developers are now focusing on combining new technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence within the mobile event app to engage attendees and generate leads. 

• Voice Search and Artificial Intelligence

Voice search optimization for the event website and event listing is an essential part of the overall event marketing strategy. Along with voice search, artificial intelligence is also making great leaps in event management. One of the most popular implementations of artificial intelligence is a chatbot. Event pros are implementing a chatbot for attendee engagement. There may be a time where chatbots will act as the speaker for their events. 

Event tech trends are evolving faster, and they are evidence of giant leaps forward in technology. These leaps ahead are shaping the ways event pros execute and plan events. The event tech trends listed above are being used everywhere at events and behind the scenes in event planning.


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