Top 3 SEO Trend to Look Out for

Debra Morgan,Marketing Tech Outlook | Monday, January 24, 2022

The SEO landscape is dynamic, and it continues to change in a never-ending spiral, which sometimes makes it challenging to keep up with.

Fremont, CA: With the arrival of the next decade, a lot of things need to be analyzed in order to develop an SEO strategy. In doing so, one of the most critical factors is to keep the latest trends in mind, and it is essential to figure out which trend will come up and which one will die. The SEO landscape is dynamically changing with every passing day, making it difficult to keep up with all of the changes. If one does not stay on top of the trends, they might lose some valuable traffic. Here is a list of the biggest SEO trends for 2020.

Blockchain Technology

Although this may seem like out of place on a list of SEO trends, blockchain does have far-reaching effects on SEO. The reason being, blockchain aims to provide a secure and trustworthy transaction record, and security is one of the critical factors on Google. It can be utilized to secure all the transactions that take place through the search engines, such as the transactions between advertisers and website owners. Additionally, it can identify every user who views an ad, and in this way, it can identify the difference between a bot and a human.

Top 10 SEO Tech Solution Companies - 2019Voice Search

The adoption of voice search has gained popularity in the past few years, which has been led by millennials. Now voice search has become increasingly accurate and personalized with the introduction of AI assistants. This has enabled the users to find immediate answers to all of their search queries via voice. It is specifically more helpful for question-based or exact term searches as the assistants can provide instant solutions to those. Henceforth voice search optimization is deemed to be one of the biggest SEO trends this year. 

Machine Learning

Machine learning is beneficial for SEO and is predicted to be among the most prominent SEO trends in 2020 and in the following years. By leveraging machine learning concepts and web analytics tools, it is easy to figure out user behavior. Machine learning is also used by Google to showcase search results. It can help in discovering keyword ranking opportunities, ranking predictions, site crawling, and many more. Therefore all of these factors can affect SEO. 

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