Three Exclusive Things to Ask Before Employing HubSpot

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Having a good sense of the priorities will allow businesses to figure out what they need to achieve them.

FREMONT, CA: Looking for advanced analytics and tracking? Perhaps, businesses will want to be able to demonstrate where marketing brings value to the sales process. They might be sick of flipping between multiple channels and wish there was a way to make the inbound marketing campaign even more efficient and successful.

Whatever leads one to HubSpot, there will be things they want—and need—to know before taking the plunge. Following are the top three questions to determine whether to use HubSpot and whether Marketing Hub is perfect for the organization and the team.

1. What Objectives is the Firm Trying to Achieve

The first step of any good project is to determine the ultimate target and decide how to measure progress. What is the company looking to get out of investing in marketing software? One may be looking for an integration between marketing and revenue or greater visibility over the ROI. Having a good sense of the priorities will allow businesses to figure out what they need to achieve them. Holding them in mind would also help firms pick a genuinely tailored tool to how they can use it.

2. Which HubSpot Level Does the Organization Need

Professional and business level packages differ marginally in terms of tools and price. Before testing the various functionality available and the different price models, enterprises will need to think back on the goals. The general rule of thumb for the organization is to find out whether they are an entity with specific needs. They may need more platform capacity and stability to serve different branches, product lines, regional areas, even though the total header count is minimal.

3. What Are the Issues Faced

Once HubSpot is in operation, the most important thing to find is not the consistent use of HubSpot. For example, one could get some essential data from HubSpot, but if the firm uses only some of the services sporadically, the data will not be accessible, or it will not be detailed enough. Ditto fails to connect platforms (for example, the blog or Google Analytics) to feed the data to HubSpot.

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