The Future of Contextual Marketing Powered by AI

Martech Outlook | Thursday, May 12, 2022

Thanks to deep learning algorithms, contextual advertising allows marketers to reach target consumers in the most efficient way possible.

Fremont, CA: Contextual targeting works on a simple idea. It's all about employing AI algorithms to place relevant adverts beside the most relevant content. This isn't something exclusive to internet marketing. When selecting how much money to spend on TV ads, it's still important to consider the prospective audience of a particular show. The same is true of print advertisements; women's publications prefer to feature feminine things, whereas vehicle magazines have advertisements for automobiles. Users on the platform, regardless of medium, are likely to connect with the brand's message.

AI-powered contextual marketing

Machine Learning algorithms have evolved into Deep Learning algorithms. The main distinction between Deep Learning and Machine Learning is that Deep Learning can deal with significantly larger amounts of unstructured data. Consider the following simple motion-sensitive lighting setup. After a few learning cycles, a Deep Learning solution would start turning on the light whenever needed and alter its pattern as one's habits change. This comparison can be applied to far more complex acts, such as contextual advertising, which shows relevant ads to the appropriate user at the right time and in the correct environment.

Brands may undertake deep dives into site analysis using contextual targeting and AI advertising. When studying a website, contextual marketing solutions go much beyond general information. Each item can be scanned separately and data recorded, such as the URL, site keywords, and other content information such as photographs or videos. Natural Language Processing algorithms examine the data and assign the site to the most relevant category or categories based on the relevance of keywords. The importance of keyword weighting is critical; otherwise, it's easier to target content about apple pie recipes rather than Apple software.

Contextual advertising and brand safety are inextricably linked. All businesses and agencies prioritize avoiding harmful information. This is spurred in part by concerns about brand safety on platforms that rely heavily on user-generated content. Contextual programmatic advertising is a cost-effective and brand-safe solution. Unwanted publishers, sites, or terms can be blocked extremely precisely thanks to a deep understanding of inventory content.

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