The Customer is the Only Boss

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The Customer is the Only BossIn the cut-throat competitive world of e-commerce, combined technology, and devices as well as locations drive customer engagement. The renovation follows the path of new customer engagement advancement as soon as the business makes it convenient for people to trail.

FREMONT, CA: To have a successful business, the most crucial part is to have customers irrespective of them being one-time buyers or regulars. It is essential for a company to initiate a customer engagement solution in today’s competitive e-commerce environment in case the marketing strategies fail to attract the desired number of clients.

The customers’ desire for companies that treat them as prized individuals and engage them with advantageous content for shopping more can be fulfilled by using a few tricks:

•    Capture the attention of the customer with personalized user experiences (UX) and ensure convenient shopping

•    The implementation of a seamless flow of content, data, and functionality across the strait to hold the user interest

•    Better quality services for the customers to get their responses reflected from sales,

•    With the mixture of new technology that can intensify relationships, enhance retention rates and raises revenues

AR and VR: The expanding e-commerce arena has two leading stars, AR and VR, which encourage better customer engagement by transforming in-person shopping into satisfying digital experiences like try-on tools allowing customers to virtually see what they are wearing. AI also helps in taking virtual tours on smartphone cameras and permits users to explore and shop in any basic store. The technologies remove the fence of digital platforms and agree to significant product interactions while reducing some of the uncertainty concerned regarding purchasing a product without being familiar to it.

Doppelganger: By using transparent and natural language, customers interact with conversational commerce technology that duplicates the one-on-one feel of a devoted salesperson and helps customers purchase through personalized suggestion and support. Another reason to implement conversational commerce is app fatigue as people discard endless product descriptions or and search for an answer.

AI: AI provides real-time personalization and helps the company deliver more engaging UX by treating customers as individuals over a general segment. It helps in understanding clientele and marketplace more efficiently by collecting, arranging, and evaluating behavioral data through algorithms, websites, and apps.

IoT: With the help of IoT, brands maintain positive engagement, give added convenience, and capitalize new sales opportunities as well as enable the objects to send and receive data. 



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