The Benefits of Personalized Marketing

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, November 24, 2021

FREMONT, CA: People are constantly bombarded with information these days, whether it's billboard advertisements, television commercials, emails, or social media, with hundreds of brands vying for their attention on a near-daily basis. As a result, it's natural for us to tune out most of that, mainly what isn't personally relevant to us.

This means that if marketers attempt to engage their audience through generic, impersonal content, they're passing up a huge opportunity to engage them and encourage them to stick around in the long run. Direct communication is their best bet for converting them with a laser focus on what they enjoy and are naturally interested in.

That is where customization comes into play. In a nutshell, marketing personalization is about interacting with the audience and customers to feel personal and human while taking their likes, preferences, and interests into account.

Personalization strategies can include customized email marketing campaigns, personalized advertisements, targeted product recommendations, and customized content, among other things.

The advantages of personalization

Outstanding customer service: Having friendly customer service representatives to assist customers is great, but it is no longer sufficient. Marketers must deliver an exceptional customer experience throughout their interaction with them, which includes social media interactions, automated emails, and recommendations, among other things. Indeed, an increasing number of consumers expect a personalized and unique experience with businesses, and customers are willing to provide additional data in exchange for personalized marketing.

Revenue, sales, and conversions should increase: Providing personalized service is a no-brainer for businesses. Customers are more likely to consume content and products relevant to their interests when reading suggestions and product recommendations. They're more likely to stick with marketers over competitors if they're satisfied with the service customers receive and the communications, they receive from them.

It makes sense that tailoring services and providing a customized experience will increase sales and conversions.

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