The Art of Specializing in Online Sales is made Easier with these Outstanding Tips

By Martech Outlook | Monday, June 24, 2019

The quality of the job that the seller does during the sales process will dictate the ease or difficulty of negotiation at the end of the process.

FREMONT, CA: The marketplace is a vast ocean and can be complicated at times. New sellers often look for tips to short cut the processes of getting started selling. It is always best to start slowly, learning the landscape, reading the rules, and growing the business methodically. Here are some tips for young entrepreneurs those who are just getting started with selling. 

•  Finding the Right Recipient

Before getting down to direct sales, a seller should make a list of potential customers and their contacts. The job title of a person who may be responsible for the purchasing of the offering should be defined. First, it can be a PR specialist or Head of Sales which possess higher chances of getting a response. It merely means that the seller must know whom to chase. Searching for the emails can save time, and help limit to email only.

•  Writing Perfect Sales Pitch

Having a first-class writing skill cannot guarantee revert from the recipient, but some simple rules can help increase both the open rates and response rate. They include including the recipient’s name into the subject, keeping the subject of the email short and catchy, using simple language and bullet points, and avoid overusing exclamations. Follow-ups are also great before the emails turning into spams.

•  Tracking Sales Progress

Customer Relationship Management is the best tool for any seller to track and optimize sales progress. According to the report by Salesforce, CRM software may increase the company’s sales by up to 29%. If the company has already a CRM system, spending time to explore everything that it has to offer for sellers works effectively.

•  Measuring Results

A good seller always tests different email templates and check statistics. CRM and email tracking software will help sellers track and control all the essential numbers on your emails. A newbie seller should also be aware of spam filters to ensure higher credibility, equipping email with the proper signature that contains seller’s photo, job title, the company’s logo, or other contact details.

•  Being a Friend

The process of sales is all about relationships and communication with people. Human beings are sitting at the other end, reading the mail, so it is always important to show support and compassion. Listening to the client and trying to be a little more than a business partner can still add to the process.

A lot of things have changed over time. Today salespeople have so many digital tools and devices that help them sell more. Apart from technology, aids trying out the above tips can indeed help salesperson.

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