TextUs Introduces New Messaging App for Businesses to Connect with Customers in Real-Time

By Martech Outlook | Friday, August 30, 2019

The new platform will provide businesses with one-to-one real-time connection with customers in order to communicate more quickly and build better relationships.

FREMONT, CA: As companies move to adapt and satisfy clients about how they prefer to interact, leading organizations use text messaging to allow individuals to connect with businesses more confidentially. Rather than expecting individuals to respond to a cold call or wait days for an email reply, real-time communication incorporates conversational text messaging, click-to-call cloud voice service, and custom automation to allow companies to participate in customer-scale, real-time discussions. The days of relying on a delayed strategy with ignored messages and cold calls end as big and small organizations migrate to real-time communication via text messaging in business class coupled with cloud voice software. This change resulted in TextUs to re-engineer its platform from the ground up so that companies could embrace and scale real-time communication across their organizations as a whole.

TextUs, a fastest-growing company text messaging software, introduced TextUs Next, a new real-time communication platform for real-time connection between companies and clients. TextUs Next allows business management and analytics companies to integrate text messaging into their day-to-day workflows. The platform returns the 10-digit phone number to business processes, including CRM, marketing automation, and acceleration of sales. SMS is now a component of daily communications, and teams can handle one-to-one, real-time discussions from their company phone number on their laptop or smartphone. TextUs adds value to current company numbers by text-enabling the phone number, allowing users to encourage clients who can call or text them.

The company is the first real-time communication platform provider in the world that intended to enhance dramatically how organizations interact with their leaders, applicants, and clients. TextUs provides business-class text messaging coupled with embedded cloud-voice characteristics to connect companies to their clients in real-time with a read rate of 98 percent and reaction rates of up to 40 percent. It allows teams to embrace a new workflow in real-time; brings SMS campaigns from advertising to conversational by enabling companies to reach clients with custom text messages receiving answers.

The platform allows users to send hundreds of contacts personalized campaigns, automatically opt-out for STOP or START keyword contacts, and gain an in-depth understanding into active discussions, reaction rates, amount of conversation texts, unsubscribe, and more.

TextUs Next frees individual from devices and inboxes text messaging. Teams have their backs on each other and can be sure that the interest of a customer will never go unanswered. The platform manages discussion by sorting into the conversation states such as open, unanswered, and closed, providing access to various phone numbers for team members.

TextUs Next unlocks management, knowledge, and control of text messaging across the entire organization at the enterprise level. The platform determines which configurations, templates should be available to teams and people by gaining an understanding of all sub-accounts in messaging, settings and analytics. 

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