Telemarketing: Captivating Digital Formula to Improve Business-Level Marketing

Martech Outlook | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Telemarketing agencies are providing big-time benefit to businesses and being the most updated form of marketing, it widely associates modern practices.  

FREMONT, CA: Independent agencies look to outsource prospecting insurance telemarketing specialists as the hard-grafting on the front lines intensifies. Outsourcing in this method enables producers to concentrate on the low-hanging fruit and transform more leads into sales. Many insurance marketing firms offer insurance telemarketing with technology, methodology, and experience to promising leads and appointments for agency clients. Around 85% of the businesses insurance telemarketing business comes through the independent agent channel.

Potential clients go to these insurance firms with a target class of business, which can be restaurants or contractors as well. Firms will build a list of prospects that fit into the appetite of the agency. They will then find how they want to market within an X mile-radius of the agency categorizing accounts into prospective premium volume. Insurance companies sort profiles after calling the business prospects, finding information on employees strength, usage of commercial autos, current agent and carrier, and generally what’s going on with the business and their insurance.

Enormous efforts are needed in converting prospects into leads than a few phone calls. Insurance firms coach customers about follow-up best practices as retaining potential customers are tricky. They also offer follow-up letters that agents can use to keep in touch with clients and prospects. The results are somewhat positive as many insurance sectors who wanted to expand its footprint in manufacturing invested a 28,000 into the telemarketing campaign, which generated eight accounts and $239,875 in premium.

Outsourcing is picking up its pace every year. As more prominent agencies buy mid-sized agencies, a lot of M&A activities go around. Insurance telemarketing works for some lines of business better than others. Data protection rules and cold calling regulation can cause a risk in personal lines. These marketing services is B2B and therefore works with agencies selling commercial lines.

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