Tapping into the Integrity of CDP

By Martech Outlook | Monday, June 24, 2019

Customer data is precious. CDPs, if appropriately implemented, can activate the real potential in marketing.

FREMONT, CA: The marketing world is leaning towards Customer Data Platforms (CDP). Many of the provisions in a CDP have the power to make marketing much more targeted and efficient. The simplicity that comes with using a CDP is its major attraction, but to make the most of CDPs, organizations should have a few things in mind. Proper integration of CDP into the current marketing attitude of an organization can make for a winning combination. Read on!

•  Assess the Current Capabilities

Before opting for a CDP, companies should check and evaluate the current marketing strategy. This will enable the management to determine if it lacks in certain aspects. According to this analysis, a company can consider a few CDPs and choose the one which can help it accomplish the missing capabilities. Buying something that does not align with the marketing model of one's company adds to the complexities and inefficiency rather than improving capabilities. Critical research can help companies gain an understanding of the CDP on which they will spend valuable time and resources.

•  Well Planned Efforts are Key

Once a company opts for a CDP, it will see wide-ranging changes. Hence, it is advisable to have CDP only after planning the move well. The management will need to take the entire workforce into confidence and explain to them all the changes that a CDP brings about. Everything from the processes to the content used will change as a CDP utilizes many separate channels to accumulate customer data and then centralize it.

•  Targeted and Fast Implementation

Companies should identify the use cases that they want and focus specifically on those. The approach should be a fast-paced implementation rather than a sluggish pace, which hampers the effectiveness of adopting a CDP. Additional tools that align with CDP can make CDP work better. The marketing should immediately change in accordance with the CDP inclusion, and that would ensure the company gets good returns with CDP from the very beginning.

The work on CDP must continue even after the initial phase of incorporation is over. A reliable team that knows how to leverage the CDP for gains is to be put in place, and new data sources are to be added to ensure that CDP continues to perform well. Users can deploy new use cases and maximize the benefits.

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