Streams: Measurement Tools for Marketers to Provide Insights Into Financial Results

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Marketers can comprehend the drivers of complicated customer journeys and make marketing investments more efficient to enhance specific KPIs.

FREMONT, CA: Optimove, the Science-First Relationship Marketing Hub has announced that its product, Streams is now the first instrument in this industry to measure the effect of both real-time and pre-planned marketing activities on any company KPI.

With Streams, marketers can now find whether several real-time campaigns or pre-scheduled campaigns are best for a specific objective, such as decreasing churns or growing revenues from a welcome sequence. These ideas enable marketers to move to campaign channels that yield the best outcomes, ensuring that marketing funds are invested wisely and products work best with clients.

Optimove's Streams simplifies the method of discovering the ideal combination from pre-planned to real-time promotions at a time when many marketers strive to balance themselves correctly. The 2019 Multichannel Marketing Survey of Gartner shows that fewer than half of participants (44 percent) use predictive modeling or through experimentation to determine whether a real-time reaction to event-driven advertising is justified.

Marketing officials rapidly adopted the proposal after Streams was introduced in January, which rendered Streams a critical part of experimenting, analyzing, and experimenting to discover the optimum combination of long-term activities to achieve the brand goals.

Pini Yakuel, CEO of Optimove said “Consumer loyalties and brand preferences are changing more rapidly than ever before — and this means brands must work even harder to connect with them in an emotionally intelligent way to keep them coming back for more. Optimove's latest Streams update will allow brands, for the first time, to measure the impact of both pre-scheduled and real-time campaigns and the financial return of these campaigns in combination, leading to more effective marketing communications that better target an ever-changing consumer base.”

Optimove is a scientific and first-class marketing bond for more than 300 client-focused companies, used for increasing client participation to promote measurable development. Optimove incorporates marketing and data science to create a proper understanding that allows marketers to carry out highly effective, personalized client marketing activities across various channels autonomously. The unique technology suites of the company enable marketers to maximize client consumption, commitment, retention, and durability. Optimove can be used in all sizes by significant brands including 1-800-Flora, Dollar Family, Deezer, Adorer Me, Go Compare, and many more.

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