Strategies That Can Help Boost the Account-Based Marketing Process

Martech Outlook | Friday, April 22, 2022

Account management programs should incorporate account-based marketing strategies to ensure that sales and marketing processes are fully integrated.

Fremont, CA: Account-based marketing is seeing a renaissance in popularity due to the efforts of business-to-business (B2B) vendors, bloggers, and market research agencies. The core concept is to have a completely integrated sales, and marketing process focused on developing connections with a very particular and targeted group of accounts. Numerous elements must be considered, including account planning and mapping, alignment of sales and marketing, and offers and analytics.

Here are some strategies for an effective account-based marketing process:

Personalize account experience on the website

Given the targeted nature of account-based marketing, strong conversion rates are crucial. Customizing landing pages is one method for accomplishing this. Marketers can develop account-specific landing pages that display customized copy, pictures, offers, and forms based on the visitor's persona or account.

Purchase white paper and webinar leads for target accounts

When a buyer acquired leads from a media business in the past, they were limited to filtering by company size, title, and geographic region. Recently, an increasing number of online lead generation companies have enabled businesses to filter their lead purchases by company name. While the cost per lead will be higher, it is well worth the investment in order to support account-based marketing activities.

Create a one to one C-Level campaign

Organizations might delegate responsibility for establishing connections with specific buyer personas at target accounts to specific employees. C-level to C-level outreach is a highly effective strategy for accomplishing this. This person can initiate the campaign with an email or direct mail and then follow up with a phone call. Personal and genuine outreach is necessary, as is mentioning the commercial reason these executives should connect. The organization should be involved in all stages of the campaign, including message drafting. A salesperson on the inside can follow up with a phone call to the executive's administrative assistant to schedule a meeting. Following the assignment of C-level executives, firms might assign vice presidents, inside sales representatives, and marketing to prospects in target accounts. The objective is to link relevant personnel with relevant employees of the potential.

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