Strategic Guidelines in Content Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Thursday, January 31, 2019

Content MarketingContent resides is the core of all marketing strategies ranging from digital to social platforms and will continue to be the same. Over time, it has been observed that content-driven strategies have influenced the audience better, driving more sales to the firm. Companies strive to gain more site traffic for which they have started to utilize SEO as well. But with all competitors following a similar strategy and utilizing the same tools it becomes important to upgrade the standards for an edge in the competition.

Plan a Content Marketing Calendar

Posting random content on social media and other digital platforms has gone obsolete. Smart marketers must plan a content calendar that specifies a period during which a particular content has to be populated to delight their audience. Such an approach will allow marketers to serve the audience in a personal and meaningful way and achieve their organizational goals.

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Click Baits Work No More

Consumers have become smart and are easily able to dodge click baits. Unlike the past, customers seek original and personalized content that could actually address their issues and requirements. Consumers admit that personally relevant content increases their purchase intent that clears the role of original and personalized content. Personalized content marketing connects with the audience, driving more sales.

Micro-Influencer Marketing

Micro-influencers such local leaders, employees from the company, and various others are becoming the new face of marketing. Content revolving around them relates better to the mob, driving them to understand the motive and theme of the social campaigns. Still, if organizations want to entail macro-influencers, they must consider co-created content and ask them to share it on brand’s website and several social media platforms.

Prioritize the Voice

Voice operated virtual assistants are changing the face of search which directly impacts the marketing for brands. Mobile responsive and mobile-optimized websites are listed at the top of search results as most of the search is done through mobile devices, both voice and textual. Companies will now have to focus on words that most often people use while searching through voice and include them as well in their content to hit the charts.

Customer Engagement through Storytelling

Storytelling is an art that is yet to be mastered by many. Customers remain engaged for a longer time through storytelling which includes experiences of customers and brand. Content can be integrated into videos and audios for better customer reach and engagement. 

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