Smart Keys to Strike a Balance between Personalized Services and Automated Communications

By Martech Outlook | Friday, June 14, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Automated processes are becoming integral with advancing digitalization of systems. Customer interaction is also experiencing a shift as companies encourage automated customer services with chatbots and phone menus. Unless companies strike a balance between engagement with customers using automated tools and engagement with customers with a human touch, they might lose customers.

Automation is highly recommended for many processes, including communication with customers. The advantages of using automated chatbots include round the clock availability of services, which is error free and cost-effective. All the marketing channels like emails and phone calls also perform well with automation as the need to regulate them manually reduces and many emails can be shot at a time. The companies have to be cautious in spite of all the benefits automation promises. Read on! 

•  Focusing on Helping the Customer while Designing Automation

Automation should be customer-centric. While employing automation, companies should prioritize customer services rather than looking at their profits. Customers dislike the systems where they have to go through unnecessarily long channels before their issues as addressed. Long phone menus are one of the most frustrating aspects of automated phone menus.  Well designed, precise menus should become prevalent.

•  Use of Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots might seem like the only proper application of artificial intelligence, but it is not so. Automated marketing works by analyzing customer data and targeting customers based on insights gained. This ensures a personalized marketing strategy. From a communication point of view, natural language processing can act as a great tool, but firms must make it a point to let the customers know that they are conversing with a bot.

•  Keeping the Human Efforts on

Just because automation is in place, companies think it is okay not to have someone to handle calls. This is not the right approach as customers always crave for human interaction, especially when they are trying to get an issue resolved. Giving customers the option to switch to a human customer service executive is vital.

Intuitive interfaces that are driven by automation, with the right doses of personalization form the perfect solution. Technology has empowered organizations to undertake an innovative approach which can help them deliver the best quality services.

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