Simple Marketing Hacks for Higher Conversion Rate

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, April 17, 2019

AI and big data have taken the world by storm. Companies are combating with such a rapid change in society, especially with the explosion of digital devices. With acceleration in technologies such as AI, automation, IoTs, 3D, and genomics, human perception has drastically changed. The change in perception has caused a racial change in how people consume information. The change in the media of information has caused changes in the way people buy goods. This has fundamentally impacted economic and social statuses. Companies are coping with the change with almost everyone on the internet.

This has changed the way companies interact with their customers. These changes have also impacted the social influencers and marketing managers. Companies are investing in ABM to fill the gaps in the marketing strategy. Marketing managers are increasing their spending on AI-backed tools that can handle the optimized marketing strategy. Marketing managers have to always keep their strategy aligned with the key findings.

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The managers have to keep the fundamentals to drive sales and revenue. Companies have to take the initiative, approach the customers, and keep them engaged on their platform. After they sync the first step in their marketing strategy, enterprises need to ensure that customers are not left frozen—they need to continuously engage with their customers. Salesforce report also pointed to these changing dynamics. Companies wish to be treated more like a human than like a company. They need to first nurture their existing prospects by retargeting and reframing messaging. These messages are based on prior engagement on display and content syndication channels; the message should also encompass human touch.

Businesses need to continuously engage in upselling and cross-sell with customers. They can do this by deploying these rules in their strategy. They can ensure personalized targeting by reinforcing customers’ buying decision and keep them engaged after onboarding. Second, companies have to be responsible for educating their customers. For instance, the Apple website educates customers about the whole process of Apple products manufacturing. This is reflected in the increased sales of their products.  Enterprises thus have to be more flexible in their approach and constantly respond to the changing trends.

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