SeoSamba Releases Email Tool For Various Franchises

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, March 22, 2019

SeoSamba, the provider of sales and marketing automation software has announced the launch of a service to help several franchises and firms. It helps the franchises to use email marketing in association with other digital channels and customizes their creative.

With the SeoSamba’s email tool, the users gain access to social marketing curation and scheduling tools, keyword tracking and web analytics. 

Also, in addition, users can utilize a centralized blogging platform and SEO execution service. The SeoSamba’s platform permits users to;

• The users can localize network-wide emails by using a franchise’s email, name, territory and contact information.

• It also embeds links to pages and blog posts on the franchise’s websites.

• It also helps to design and approve templates quickly.

• The WordPress users can also publish a blog post(s) through SeoSamba’s blog editor and create email campaigns from these posts.

The SeoSamba’s CEO Michael Leconte affirms that the tool allows users to pick an email digest template, select the latest relevant posts, add an intro and send the email. He also adds further, saying, “Email marketing is powerful, but it gets even better when it ties in with the rest of your digital marketing.”

The email tool from SeoSamba proffers subscription which can be purchased stand-alone or also as a part of SeoSamba’s more extensive marketing and sales automation software suite. The charges are based on monthly email volumes.

SeoToaster CMS, Shopping Cart, and CRM solutions are few of the open sources when used in partnership with the SeoSamba platform help in managing customer relationships and powers websites the firm adds.

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