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By Martech Outlook | Friday, January 08, 2021

Seismic Digital collaborated with KidSay to help brands interact with and engage adolescents, tweens, teenagers and their families.

FREMONT, CA: Recently named the seventh fastest-growing company in Kansas City, Seismic Digital, customer analytics, and digital strategy and activation agency, and KidSay, the world's largest youth analysis, trend monitoring, and strategy business, have formed into an exclusive collaboration to help brands interact with and engage adolescents, tweens, teenagers and their families.

Seismic Digital's brand partners will have access to up-to-the-minute youth market insights through this strategic alliance on a range of favorites, behaviors, and attitudes on-screen content, digital, smartphones, social media, apps, video games & esports, apparel, shoes and accessories, product exploration, buying patterns & choices, toys, games, collectibles, sports, recreational activities, food & drinks, spending behavior, family decisions, lifestyle, and aspirations. Over everything from organic search to paying social to OTT and connected television, these exclusive observations can then be combined with Seismic's innovative approach and activation tool across the digital spectrum.

KidSay is the only organization of its kind for youth market study, delivering 24 reports a year through its unique nationwide school network. Samples mirror the age, gender, ethnicity, and regional breakout of the US Census. Using 65 percent open-ended questions, pencil-and-paper surveys (one-on-one interviews for 5-7-year-olds) get to the center of what is really happening now and what will be next. Companies such as Facebook, Disney, Netflix, Hasbro value the research and were utilized to develop and boost products ranging from Messenger Kids to Skylanders to Taki's. Research from KidSay has helped encourage products, secure brand and product link-ins, assign more effective media spending, and crucially, it helps businesses to stay ahead of the latest trends.

In targeting and maximizing budgets, understanding what children and their parents want right now is incredibly important, something more essential now than it has ever been in the digital age. But the kind of knowledge that takes campaigns from good to exceptional is by recognizing what clients will want six months from now, said Brett Suddreth, founder of Seismic Digital.

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