SAM and Smart Antenna: Revamping the Advertisement Process

By Martech Outlook | Monday, February 25, 2019

In this competitive market, the conventional ways of expanding business have become obsolete, and to deal with this ever-changing scenario, business houses are always in search of proper way-out to reach their targeted customers. Interestingly, this extremely competitive market has changed the attitude of customers. ‘Trends in Personalisation study’ has noted that 96 percent of marketers believe that personalization helps to improve the relationship with customers.

The growing rate of smartphone users has obliged the marketers to spare thought over more innovative strategies for marketing, and proximity marketing has become an important weapon to address the growing demand for personalized service. The advent of wearables has added another layer to this game of marketing. According to 'Market for Proximity Marketing' report, the global proximity market will be of $52.46 billion by 2022. Department stores like Macy's, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus have been using beacons to address their customers. But, beacon technology demands a retailer-specific app. Hence, it becomes problematic to address new customers. Google's Physical Web is a solution to this issue.


iSIGN Media is a Toronto-based company aimed at providing location-based security alert and proximity marketing leveraging Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and enables real-time reporting and analytics. Its client list comprises of IBM, Keyser Retail Solutions, Baylor University, and Verizon Wireless.

The Security Alert Messaging (SAM) is an important product from iSIGN Media which can send information to the members during the time of crisis. SAM is a reliable, flexible, comprehensive, and cost-effective and its ability to track the location of the user and provide a message to the right one, make it an integral part of the advertising campaign. iSIGN's Smart Antenna leverages Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to send a message to a device when it comes within 100 meters and works without hampering the privacy of customers. Both batteries with a wireless internet connection or 1m -100m POE cable with an internet connection can help to run this antenna and can send a multi-lingual and secure message to the targeted group. iSIGN has announced that regulatory agency has approved to close its previous warrant bonus agreement and now, the due date of previously issued promissory note will be extended. The company completed debt arrangement and issued 500,000 common shares at a price of $0.08 and has also completed the bonus arrangement issuing 6,007,000 warrants.


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