RRD introduces Cloud Direct for Omnichannel Marketers

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

RRD has launched Cloud Direct, a trigger-based direct marketing application residing within’s Marketing Cloud. The solution improves target and extends Marketing Cloud into fully direct mail channels, and RR Donnelly & Sons launched digitally integrated.

RRD’s Cloud Direct works in wonders by making emails much easier to do the task as follows:

1.  The Cloud Direct sends mail directly and provides high-value consumers.

2.  Cloud Direct also triggers mail pieces when emails of a subscriber bounce.

3. If customers haven’t clicked or opened letters via digital channels, the Cloud Direct sends direct mails to promote more engagements.

4.  Cloud Direct also acquires incentives via direct mail if it gets triggered with the unsubscribing by a customer.

5. Cloud Direct also offers direct personalized emails that leverage cart abandonment data and browser.

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Doug Ryan, president Of RRD Marketing Solutions, is very positive about the launch of Cloud Direct in Omnichannel marketing. Doug Ryan feels that Cloud Direct by RRD is extending their capabilities in both integration and optimization of digital and print communications. With Cloud Direct, RRD hopes to build a thoughtful connect and approach to its clients that will extend the speed and trust in their business. RRD’s Cloud Direct is innovative and proximate in meaning to true omnichannel marketing.

RRD’s Cloud Direct is a cross-channel consumer engagement solution. Cloud Direct allows RRD to connect business and customer interactions over mobile, advertising, emails, web and drive responses making it worth for omnichannel marketing.

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