Revolutionary SEO and Content Marketing Practices for the Millennial Businesses

Martech Outlook | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Content marketing and SEO cannot work without each other. Search engine optimization enhances the quality and quantity of website traffic and also the visibility of a website to users of a web search engine. Whereas, content marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material that intends to stimulate in the products. There are a few SEO and marketing trends that every organization waits to adopt.

• Go Beyond (WAY Beyond) Superficial Content

Brands leave superficial content back in favor of articles and blogs that plumb the depths of a topic. More blogs are comprehensive, long, and thoroughly researched. All these results are chock-full of real-world. Superficial content will anyway get partial results. There is seldom any value in content that skims the surface of a topic.

• Invest in Content Creation Processes

Brands are investing in content creation processes to create the best content. This will include researching keywords and planning what the content will cover. Then this material has to be written, optimized, and then edited. Graphics should be created, or the written content into multimedia should be leveraged, and content should also be posted and promoted across multiple channels.

• Use Content Personalization for Ultra-Targeted Content

Content personalization is another widely-adopted content marketing trend. According to Evergages' survey, 93% of marketers use personalization for at least one channel in their digital marketing strategy. This practice focuses on personalizing the content the organization's site serves to different users based on readily available personal data.

• Expanding Horizons Past Just Blogging

Blogging is an essential deal in content marketing. But if a company is targeting people who read blogs and articles, people who prefer audios and videos are left out. Most marketers are sensible to this trend and are diving into the uncharted waters of podcasts, webinars, YouTube, and live streaming along with their blogging strategies.

Content marketing is evolving, and these trends are the beginning of new shifts in the industry. Going ahead, brands that invest in the right trends will see more growth overall. Brands have reprioritized audiences and also refocusing on authentic stories, shifting to include more channels in their content strategy.

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