Resulticks' Next-gen AI-powered Omnichannel Orchestration Feature Improves Customer Engagement

By MarTech Outlook | Monday, September 23, 2019

Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO & Co-Founder

The new launch will strengthen the organization's marketing automation solution by facilitating automated, contextual generation of omnichannel user experiences.

FREMONT, CA: Resulticks, one of the fastest-growing real-time conversation marketing solutions providers, has changed the way brands are orchestrating outcomes-orientated, omnichannel user experiences by introducing its new AI-powered orchestration capability.

Marketers can automatically map their client experiences using key occasions, communication goal and type, product type, and benchmarks with a few clicks. Resulticks then curate the suitable attributes and personas to build the perfect audience, messaging, and contact point for every communication effort.

The algorithms continually upgrade the client journey to enhance commitment, conversion, and eventually top-line development by collecting new information from campaigns and audience interactions. This feature is already used in several industries and represents a breakthrough in how brands can use AI to deliver quantifiable results.

Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO and co-founder of Resulticks, said, “Our new AI-enabled orchestration feature further solidifies our company's commitment to enabling marketers to delight customers effortlessly with the right experiences at scale in real-time. It's another example of how we are taking today's enterprises on a deliberate, phased approach toward maximizing the power of AI across the entire organization.”

The new feature further boosts Resulticks’ audience-first strategy to scalable, segment-of-one client interaction with time efficiency. It is another step forward in providing sophisticated, personalized user experiences which have become a differentiating factor of the Resulticks solution.

Built by and for visionary marketers, Resulticks has altered the marketing landscape globally to improve customer experience and build brand loyalty. With its significant AI-driven, omnichannel approach, the organization is changing the world of marketing automation. The organization allows clients to take seamless, personalized journeys from the first knowledge, to brand loyalty with a large-scale database with omnichannel orchestration and evaluation driven by AI marketing core. Resulticks provides advanced digital marketing services and tools to some of the most respected brands worldwide. 

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