Proprietary Report Explores the How and Why Behind Better Long-Term Digital Marketing

MarTech Outlook | Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Mike Provance, PhD, CEO, 3x3

3x3 releases a proprietary report that shows how beverage alcohol brands can develop long-term marketing strategies that drive growth.

FREMONT, CA: 3x3, a growth marketing firm, is pleased to release a proprietary report that outlines how beverage alcohol brands can develop long-term marketing strategies that accelerate growth. As e-commerce expands and retail discovery remains pandemic-constricted, firms require an informed digital marketing approach beyond short-term ad campaigns.

In today's digital world, consumer decision-making starts online. But that product discovery is not the reason why people open their web browser or social media app. Research from Think with Google illustrates that 60 percent of people discovered their favorite brands online while doing other activities. They see a targeted ad at the right time at the right place.

But 3x3 knows that while customer discovery may start with an ad campaign, brand marketing should not. Beverage alcohol suppliers looking to boost customer engagement and loyalty require to strategically invest in tools that can offer the who, what, when, where, and why that develop strong relationships with shoppers.

In this report, 3x3 provides a primer on digital marketing and examines how beer, wine, and spirits brands can develop long-term marketing that brings growth. Its contents comprise Digital Marketing 101: What is digital marketing?, Build a Better How: What makes a strong brand marketing strategy? Short vs. Long-Term Marketing: How do you integrate short- and long-term strategies? And Case Studies: How are brands leveraging digital marketing tools for growth?

This roadmap for digital marketing will lead to better relationships with repeat shoppers for beverage brands. Every brand's playbook can evolve through constant analysis and use of the tools available. The most successful firms of tomorrow will commit to long-term digital marketing today. Improved strategies and campaign executions will assist any brand to grow, even in uncertain times.

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