Product Customization and Price List Enhancement for Better Customer Experiences

By Martech Outlook | Friday, July 12, 2019

Buyers can now define their choice of products and build a corresponding custom form for every product.

FREMONT, CA: Pipelinersales Corporation introduced new enhancements that enable seller companies to personalize product lists within Pipeliner CRM. Consumers can now define various types of products and create a similar custom form for each product. The custom forms also include custom fields. When a user adds products to the products and prices section in the administration molecule, they can fill the custom fields with additional product details specific to their business. Customers can now import products and price lists using .csv files or the API, which advances the regularly updating products and makes pricing more convenient and straightforward.

The product includes a new communication feature for updating users on new features and enhancements. The ability to customize products and prices in Pipeliner CRM is an example of how the company is enabling customers to enhance their shopping experiences. Pipeliner CRM Cloud is accessible in three variants as a starter, enterprise and business, delivering a level of visualization, and dynamic insights unrivaled in the CRM space. This ensures an excellent customer experience, short learning curve and rapid adoption rates. Its distinctive administration backend implies that non-technical users can efficiently configure the system, so no programmers, consultants or systems integrators and there is no need for an expensive, full-time administrator which saves companies money and minimizes risk.

Pipeliner CRM is a sales authorizing tool that focuses on pipeline management, sales processes and analytics designed to empower sales professionals. The company intelligently cuts through the noise so that businesses can focus on high-value activities all in one place without the need for multiple tools. With an easy-to-follow visual sales process, profiles and charts, Pipeliner provides a clear pathway through the sales cycles with guidance on the correct actions to take while the buyers are making their way through the sales. The company's new proprietary visual tool engages sales organizations to prioritize what matters most.

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