Power of Content Writing for Search Marketing

By Martech Outlook | Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A very vital part of search marketing is content. It encourages brands to reach target audiences, attract new consumers and build relationships over time. Most of the companies nowadays, use content to engage the audience, market product, and services. But it is now getting harder for the customers looking for brands online. 41% of the companies find minimum success trying to balance between SEO and customer-focused content. Focusing more on SEO may please search bots but will tend to fall flat with the audience. Concentrating on the content looks great, but without SEO optimization the viewers won't find it in the first place.

Content is divided into three categories:

•  Hygiene,
•  Hub and
•  Hero

Each division meets different SEO and customer engagement goals. They are usually made up of various types of written and visual content but are all critical for creating the content strategy successful.

Hygiene content

Hygiene forms the basis of your content approach and website, providing solutions, getting conversions and driving inquiries online. It involves:

• Website copy
• Product specifications
• Category pages – including representation, videos, and copy

The principal purpose is to get content ranking for applicable search terms to pull in customers, as it is search-focused. With the content structured correctly for SEO, the product will appear when users are looking to buy something.

Hub content

Hub frequently showcases the expertise and keeps the site fresh. It is the usual articles that are produced and posted on websites. Focuses of most content marketing efforts involve:

• Article and blogs
• Videos
• Interviews
• Competitions

Hero content

Hero content is the big campaigning strategies that build brand awareness and boosts site traffic and new customers. Content that is newsworthy or incredibly sharable and comes in many formats:

• Quizzes
• Research
• Infographics

Hero content guides potential customers find your brand.

Hygiene content is the basis of a website and, the regular hub content to engage your audience and the occasional hero campaign, one should have a unique approach that works for both your organic search and your customers.

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