Points To Heed On for Mobile Marketing Automation

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 21, 2019

Mobile Marketing AutomationMobile marketing is on the rise in the present marketing landscape. With more and more businesses making a shift towards mobile platforms, the competition has become nail-biting. To gain an edge in the rat race businesses are incorporating mobile marketing automation in their marketing strategies, where most monotonous, tedious, and mundane tasks are shifted to automation platforms, saving time and efforts. These platforms bring agility to the marketing process allowing individuals to focus on other brain worthy jobs. To devise mobile marketing automation businesses need to heed on following.

Strategy: Once end-goals are determined marketers must develop a strategy to achieve them, which includes the technique or platform that will be utilized for lead generation and nurturing. Qualifiers that will determine segmentation of quality leads, mode of communication for contacting prospects, volume of messages to be sent for marketing, and other points have a crucial role in forming a strategy.

Data Optimization: To enhance marketing efforts brands will have to optimize the accumulated data and analyze it for predicting future outcomes. Integrating the data with CRM software will provide marketers valuable insights helpful in tracking customer behavior and modify strategies accordingly. It is advisory to create a central data repository where data from all sources will be stored and will be accessible to all. More the data better the prediction is the principle behind predictive tools.

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Deciding Automation Platform: Before choosing any automation platform a precise audit of its capabilities is a must. A mobile marketing automation platform should be compatible with the mobile domain with the ability to handle high message volumes and multi-touch campaigns. Segmentation support, customization facility, and notification alerts are some standard features for the platform to have.

Automated Segmentation: Quality leads require customized marketing efforts for conversion. To determine customization, various attributes such as online behavior, app usages, and demographics are needed for analysis. Required data can be automatically collected by the platform from user’ settings, app preferences, mobile location, and several other mediums. Therefore automated segmentation will save efforts allowing marketers to provide personalized services.

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Location and Range Campaigns: Messaging campaigns can be restricted to specific demographics based on their mobile location or if they fall in the beacon’s range. Campaigns based on location are the geo-fenced campaign. Whereas, proximity campaigns are the ones in which messages are sent only to prospects falling in beacon’s range.    

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