PodPlays Joins Forces with Alida to Enhance Listener Experience

MarTech Outlook | Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Ross Wainwright, CEO, Pod Plays

Alida recently announced that PodPlays, a family-friendly audio drama podcast, has selected Alida Touchpoint to gather ongoing and real-time listener feedback. 

FREMONT, CA: Alida (formerly Vision Critical), the world's first CXM & Insights Platform, announces that PodPlays, a family-friendly audio drama podcast, has selected Alida Touchpoint to gather ongoing and real-time listener feedback, which will inform decisions and optimize the podcast audience's experience.

"At PodPlays, our mission is to create a new and original way to deliver music to our listeners outside of traditional mechanisms," said David P. Allen, Founder and General Manager of PodPlays. "We partnered with Alida to implement Alida Touchpoint on our website and social media channels to meet our listeners where they are and gather in-the-moment insights into their daily behaviors."

In today's rapidly expanding podcast sector, media companies must collect feedback and opinions from their listeners in real-time in order to maintain their changing preferences and opinions. PodPlays will use Alida Touchpoint to collect instant listener feedback that can be used to enhance experiences for large audiences. The feedback gathered would be used to make critical decisions in order to provide the best experience, content, and brand messaging for PodPlays listeners while also adding value to its partners.

"In a booming podcast market, PodPlays stands out because they put their listeners first," said Ross Wainwright, CEO at Alida. "The team is all about adding exceptional value and understands the importance of leveraging technology to drive results for their audiences. Im so excited that Alidas technology will support their innovation strategy to leverage real-time agility and deliver outstanding listener experiences."

Alida Touchpoint provides brands with a mobile-first application that allows them to easily connect with existing and potential clients in order to gather feedback or other preference data, drive calls-to-action, and engage with them through their ideal social and digital channels.

PodPlays are family-friendly audio dramas that are delivered chiefly through the podcast. It's similar to watching a movie, but with the added perks of exploring new and original songs written and recorded by Nashville's top hit songwriters and artists. Turn it on, turn it up, and don't be concerned if the children want to listen in.

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