Phunware: Bridging the Gap between Brands and Consumers

MarTech Outlook | Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Phunware, a renowned cloud platform for mobile which provides software, data and services for brands worldwide, announced the launch of PhunCoin which is an extensive data environment for progressive brands that are on a lookout for disruptive innovation in mobile user engagement and rewards. The program is powered by blockchain tech, and it is one of a kind; it connects the brands with consumers without the need for intermediaries. The Multiscreen as a Service (MaaS) by Phunware can currently reach up-to one in ten mobile devices globally. The solution comprises of one petabyte of data and grows by up-to five terabytes of data every day. The company’s operation is fully regulated, and it complies with the cryptocurrency security token. The company has crypto-enabled MaaS platform by making it unique for mainstream adoption by brands and consumers worldwide.

The company provides audience insights and interactions through a value-based exchange to the brands; it also lets the customer have control over the personal data sharing for which they will be rewarded. For a decade Phunware has provided brands, all the materials that they need to succeed in the market. The company recognized the frustration of the marketer due to the lack of transparency in traditional data exchanges. The black box approach of buying data and audience has considerably worked, companies are also worried about data privacy, economic incentives, and respect as the customers. Companies demand visibility and accountability from their marketing dollar expense, and customers demand transparency in knowing how their data is being utilized and monetized. The PhunCoin ecosystem wants to eliminate the challenges faced by the marketers and the consumers.

Phunware wants to eradicate the market confusions and uncertainty around data transactions and interactions by providing clear accountability and transparency to all parties. Brands can purchase PhunCoin with mobile marketing dollars, and they can use that to access Phunware’s data exchange. Brands that spend more than $1,000,000 will receive two times the value of data and media on Phunware data exchange. Blockchain creates an open, transparent, and trusted relationship between the consumers and brands by providing data compliance and security. Identity protection and incentives are added perks for the voluntary participation of the consumers.

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