Online Messaging Software Upgraded to Meet Evolving Customer Demands

By Martech Outlook | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Online text messaging software has upgraded its features to meet customer demands, creating a loyal base.   

FREMONT, CA: A software platform that allows consumers and businesses to engage one another via text message, Text Request, has expanded its suite of features to meet evolving customer demands. The company serves more than 1,500 business customers in the United States and Canada. Text Request helps businesses accomplish their goals by converting more website viewers into leads for facilitating better sales, scheduling and confirming more appointments, sending text and picture to every contact, and sharing promotional content bringing significant returns.

Text Request understands the importance of innovation that leads to prominent achievements. Multi-language support for SMS Chat, Google analytics integration, and the capability to implement SMS Chat onto websites through Google tag manager are some of the new key features of the upgraded Text Request platform. Text Request' added features also include reporting for inbound leads generated from the company's SMS chat widget, including who reached out, their phone number, and the customer URL, which was initiated during the chat and their message. The upgraded feature consists of a new API for SMS chat that enables integrations with consumer relationship management tools, such as Zoho, HubSpot, and Salesforce, as well.

Text Request, an online text messaging software for business, aims to grow faster and run smoother by providing an easy-to-use online text messaging service for every sized business. Text Request gives organizations the ability to reach customers, employees, and other contacts instantly and consistently via the world's best form of communication. Text Request gives businesses the power to connect with the customers, employees, and subscribers instantly to generate more leads, increase sales, provide better customer service, hire faster, and more.

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