Omnichannel: A Boon for Marketers

By Marketing Tech Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

OmnichannelThe media fragmentation of today has consumer’s attention diverted in multiple directions. Marketers need to run multichannel campaigns to reach their target audience which is tough because of the diversity of the channels. As technology is evolving, marketers are opting omnichannel campaigns which follow the customer in a more concerted way according to the customer’s journey with the brand. However, a perfect omnichannel solution is still not present in the market. Still, marketers can vastly improve their omnichannel solution.

Data is one way to do it because it is the core of omnichannel campaigns. Continual refining of data with data warehousing, data management platforms (DMP), customer data platforms (CDP), and other data lake services is the secret sauce that makes data powerful. Furthermore, it gets easier to target audiences and bring in newly acquired data with centralized data thereby continuously refining and enhancing the existing profile of the customer. 

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Striking the right balance between marketing channels, people, and time requires workflow and execution tools that work in tandem. Email systems, content tools, ad servers, and various execution platforms that allow marketers to buy different as formats and channels. Omnichannel needs a constant feedback loop synthesizing the performance of each ad message, format, and channel. This process requires an analytical suite that provides algorithmically generated insights into the results, linkages, and comparative performance instead of merely aggregating channel performance. Being analytical allows a company to examine the efficacy of the campaigns and further test and refine hypotheses about what works, where and when.  

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Omnichannels’ focus is not only on the customers but also on the people who engineer the advertising process. Technology is needed to make an omnichannel campaign a success, but skilled human resources are required who can interpret and leverage the technology to drive it successfully. For optimum use of the omnichannel mindset, ad practitioners are needed who understand the customer journey thoroughly with the ability to use different tactics, formats, and channels to fine-tune the message. A competent omnichannel strategist should have the ability to ask questions, test results, and uncover patterns to optimally meet customer expectations.

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