New Venus LED Series for Rental Stagers

By Martech Outlook | Monday, March 30, 2020

Designed for concerts and festivals, the new Venus LED Series is creating super-sized screens at speed.

FREMONT, CA: Absen, a pioneering global LED manufacturer, has launched the Venus LED Series, a new super-lightweight touring solution for rental stagers. The Venus Series is an innovative LED display that is designed for concerts and festivals for its ability to create super-sized screens at speed. The product highlights a highly innovative integrated module-on-frame design. Venus is 27 percent lighter than competing solutions when the sub-frame (cabinet frame) is removed. The Venus LED Series, in fact, at 27.5 kg/sqm, is the lightest integrated touring display solution on the market. It enables creative teams to cut back on weight, save cost, and build even bigger LED walls than before – up to 20 meters in height.

The Venus LED Series is designed to save crews precious time. Venus is making it faster for the industry to install thanks to its big cabinet size (1500 x 1000) and fast locking system where there is increasing pressure put on rental stagers for set up times. It is also simpler to maintain and update as the modules can be quickly switched out without the requirement to take apart the frame structure. All Venus LED panels are fitted with carbon fiber pipes with special anti-slip coatings that will ensure the safety of climbers. It will have additional safety hooks for riggers to secure themselves at every step of the building process. The VN's reliable locking system with big-sized handles are easy to use even with thick gloves on, with color-coded lock/unlock markers and vertical auto-lock for enhanced user experience.

Absen global is a leading LED product and service provider, offering mainly turnkey solutions to customers on LED display applications. Absen follows high product standards, displays meticulous craftsmanship, and enforces strict quality control. At the same time, Absen is continually building up more and more professional customer service networks, so that more and more localized service can be provided all over the world.

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